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Spring Crest draperies are beautiful inside and out. Have you ever noticed how ordinary draperies look from the outside of you home? Unattractive hooks are exposed and frequently your neighbors see unsightly top headers as well. With our concealed steel spring pleater, Spring Crest draperies and top treatments look as beautiful from outside your home as they look inside.

Spring Crest's exclusive line of handcrafted decorative rods come in a variety of stained woods. The unique solid wood styles and stains include your favorite shades of oak, cherrywood, maple, mahogany, pecan, fruitwood, rattan or bamboo. We can custom mix your own colors or stains to coordinate with a special piece of furniture, wall paneling, paint or trim. Rods can be created to include your own fabrics or wallpaper for the ultimate custom look.

Our Spring Crest drapery system and decorative rods are adaptable to almost any idea you can dream up. Like other window fashions, our rods can be wall mounted, but they can also be mounted directly to the ceiling to make rooms look larger or for other special effects. Our draperies may be Double Stacked to significantly reduce wall or window space covered when they are in the open position.

ADOwrap ends vertical blind boredom. ADOwrap "slipcovers" the vertical blind vanes with fabric and gives a much softer, cozy feel to the room. You may select from hundreds of textures and colors in light-weight or open weave seamless fabrics. The vertical vanes give the privacy, ADOwrap give the romance.

Soft yellow side panels with crisp blue, yellow and white cornices cover the 2" wide slatted blinds. The furnishings have been reupholstered to blend in with the new surroundings. Pineapples are the theme of this country family room. The border, wallpaper, artwork, fabrics and area rugs feature pineapples in various shades of blue and pink. A glass top covers Norman Rockwell prints on a tabletop. The top down, bottom up shades adjust easily for sun and privacy. A curio coffee table provides a display area for family mementos and photos. Red floral wallpaper adorns the walls of this formal dining room. In the bow window of this older home, we have used a light sheer for some privacy and sun control. The stripped cushion compliments the soft green and buttery yellow swags, cascades and jabots.

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