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1. Special Effects Decorating for 2003
The high gloss, hard finishes of hi-tech are out of style. In are the soft textures reminiscent but slightly different from the 90's.

You will see these textures in furniture, fabrics, walls, carpeting, clothing, ceramic tile... everywhere! Examples include dry, matte texturing from walls with murals and wall coverings. Oxidized exterior, iridescents and brushed nickel have replaced the pearlescent finishes. Complex woven looks in rugs and fabrics, with slubbed yarns in the window coverings and draperies. Prints are also taking on a more textured, three dimensional look.

See and feel the warmth and coziness of a heavily textured fabric for your home.

2. "Light Up Your Life"
The popular saying describes the enhancement that lighting can give a room. Lighting can age our faces or subtract many years. It can highlight décor or disguise decorative - "holes" until we have the opportunity to decorate them. New traditional table, ceiling and standing lamps are now being offered in a myriad of substances. Hand-blown antique glass and transparent alabasters are popular once again. Domestic lighting fixtures with wooden accents, especially in pine, oak and cherrywood, are being seen everywhere. Shades are becoming popular in Chintz, stained glass, antique paper or with the charm of leather or silk shades. Coordinate your wood furnishings with decorative drapery rods of the same woods or stains. Stop by soon and see the many woods and designer styles that our exclusive line of decorative hardware offer.
3. What's New In Pictures and Frames
Pictures, prints, posters and frames are back in vogue - in a big way. Like most of fashion today, however, frames are more ornate than they have been and tend to be of carved wood rather than the gloss paint finish that was popular in the past. Border trim for doors and ceiling and wall moldings are also popular in rosewood, ebony, maple, birch, walnut, cherry, oak and mahogany. While light colored woods are still popular darker stains, especially cherrywood, are coming on strong. Decorative drapery rods by Spring Crest can match your wood moldings or decorative picture frames. Stop by and see our selections of at least 60 decorative woods and styles for beautiful custom drapery rods.
4. Seamless Sheers
"Seamless Sheer" material for curtains and draperies has come to the rescue of the do-it-yourself seamstress. If you have ever struggled with 48" widths of sheer fabric only to have unsightly puckered seams that spoil the beauty of your finished drapery, you will be delighted with the seamless 118" fabric that is available. Take advantage of the 118" wide sheer and casement fabrics. Cut your desired width - not length - and then turn fabric on its side. You will have no seams, and still the fabric will hang properly and be dimensionally stable. Note the diagram. A complete curtain usually requires only hemming on four sides. Seamless is available in 100% polyester - drip dry voille, bastiste, embroidery, knits as well as novelty casements in all colors and textures at reasonable prices. "So get Sewing and Save."
D.I.Y. - Custom draperies can be easily made with Spring Crest decorative windoware. Contact Burton's for detailed instructions.

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